What is a BASIX Certificate?

BASIX Certificate meaning is the Building Sustainability Index. NSW Government introduced it to ensure that homes are designed to use less potable water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The BASIX Certificate NSW shows the owner commitment regarding the energy, water and thermal comfort requirements. Moreover, it confirms that the building under development will meet NSW Government requirements of sustainability.

When do you need a BASIX Certificate?

You need a BASIX Certificate in NSW for any new home development application, or for any alteration or addition of $50,000 or more to an existing home, in NSW. Its the obligations made to energy and water usage that the proposed development will meet the sustainability requirements of the NSW Government.

We Can Help

At Infinite Building Designers Sydney, we use a qualified building professional to organise your BASIX Certificate, after they have completed the sustainability assessment for your project. This means that your building project has passed the Government’s target to reduce water and energy use. And it also says that you’ll save money on your water and energy bills!

BASIX Certificate NSW