Looking for council approval for renovations NSW?

While some types of building development may not need approval from a council, these are typically not the norm. Council approval in Sydney is required, for example, in conservation areas or in or near bushfire-prone areas. Also, you would need for new homes, for duplex properties and granny flats. And each council may have different rules.

At Infinite Design, we liaise with councils to get a Planning Certificate for all proposed work, so we can see the appropriate zoning and rules that apply to any development, and to ascertain if your intended use of your site complies with the allowed usage. We also check to see which planning controls apply so that at each stage of the development there are no hold-ups. That’s why it makes sense to use Infinite Design for all your Sydney construction projects.

Infinite Design without Compromise

Infinite Design has built an impressive reputation as one of the top and building design firms in Sydney. Our work is without compromise. Our professional building designers have years of experience in bringing our clients’ dreams to reality.

Council Approval