Two Storey Homes

Home designs are our specialty. We design unique, thoughtful homes in Sydney where every single feature has its special place. From the choice of tap fittings to the placement of every powerpoint and light. Whatever you want, we’ll design it for you.  Single or double-level – or even 3-level living.  We’re like the genie in the lamp. Your wish is our command and your Home Designers Sydney team is there to help. We can advise you on the latest urban design concepts for higher-density residing with townhouses or multi-unit developments, whether you want to build your own dream home or an investment for your future – or both.

Infinite Building Designers Sydney offers an array of building design services that we can tailor to your needs and unique situation. Property development can enable you to maximize your new home investment potential. You might choose to keep the existing dwelling and build at the rear of it or to demolish and start all over again. We can help design a solution that will be perfect for your needs.

Relax During The Home Design Process

When you are designing your home, our well-trained designers take care of the details for you. Letting you relax and not stress about how to get things done. We will meet your local council’s requirements as well as all the current building regulations. Our modern home design Sydney team is committed to helping you get the living or working space you want. We will put our knowledge and experience to work to plan your new house, your home extension, or commercial building.

Creative Home Designs Sydney

Infinite Building Designers Sydney team are the experts in creating home designs for shared and private house spaces, giving design solution that suits families of all sizes. Moreover, we assure you of a comfortable home design which is sure to delight. Since we design houses to a high-quality standard, we now have an ever-growing clientele to whom we have delivered home design work. Get in touch with us now for any home designs requirements Sydney on 0421 723 667 or email us at