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If your land size and council restrictions allow for a duplex development, you could be sitting on a goldmine. We are experts at dual occupancy or duplex designs in Sydney. Infinite Design Duplex Designs Sydney team provide creative duplex designs that simplify your development and reduce the risk associated with dual occupancy. Every block can have both possibilities and limitations, but when we design a duplex, we liaise with local planners to ensure that they comply with council regulations for the best duplex designs floor plans. When it’s time to unlock the potential of your property with a duplex, contact Infinite Building Designers Sydney.

Duplex Designs Sydney

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Infinite Building Designers Sydney team is experts in the Australian duplex designs who will provide you with a risk-free modern duplex design. We know how to design your block to comply with the local council regulations. We always get you covered! So, call our helpful team on 0421 723 667 or fill in our free quote form. We will offer you a custom solution based on your needs and at very affordable rates. Let us take away the stress of your design project.